Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to Save Money while paying for BSES Duplicate Bill

We regularly pay our utility bills every month through different payment methods. But, today I am going to show you a method where we can save some money while paying all our utility bills.

Today, our topic is how to save money while paying for BSES Duplicate Bill.

What you will learn

·         How to save money while paying for many utility bills (including BSES Duplicate Bill).
·         How to repeat the savings every month for all utility bills.

Paytm – A new way to pay our utility bills and save money.  

How to pay BSES Online Bill payment through Paytm:

The process is very simple, just visit Paytm website. You get the following home screen.

BSES Duplicate Bill

Now click on Electricity as shown in the image.

The following screen appears. 

BSES Duplicate Bill - Paytm

Click on Select Your Electricity Board field, the moment you place your cursor in this field, it will show available electricity boards. 

The second one is our BSES Rajdhani – Delhi.

Select BSES Rajdhani – Delhi and Click on Proceed to Pay Bill.  

Follow the steps and finish the payment.

Paytm gives many offers and discounts for using their services. Always use Paytm for multiple utility bill payments. I am sure you will save money for such payments.

Over to you

If you know any other payment methods to save money, please do share with me. I will include in my next post.